Monday, July 18, 2005


Jar Fly Shell
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Rachel Pennington.

I cooked such a yummy supper tonight. I rarely get to cook because we're always gone to ballgames or practices or whatnot. However, if you ask my kids they might tell you that it's a good thing that I rarely cook. ;)

You know those oak trays that you can fold open and use in your living room or wherever? They come in a set of four and I was pulling the last one off of the tray holder and the holder fell over (it's oak also) and it fell on my big toe and I was in such pain that there's no telling what all I said under my breath. It HURT! I always get stupid injuries to my toes. One time I broke a toe on a buggy wheel at Bi-Lo. Boy, was THAT ever humiliating.

Enough about my toes....

The above photo is of a jarfly shell. My brother used to gather as many as he could find and then proceed to dump them on me when I wasn't even aware that he was anywhere around. He was a brat, really. ;)

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Anonymous said...

its really funny to hear you talk about feet I have always hated feet didn't like to touch them and don't dare come near me with them GROSS!!!!!! and now its really weird to only have 5 toes but the funniest thing is to watch a kid when the discover I have no toes some are scared others just set there and stare but of course Jamie my great neice she comes up to it and tickles it everytime its just weird thought you might want to know lol I'm weird too right !!!