Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rock On, Canon!

Blues Hound
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Rachel Pennington.

An email I received from Canon this afternoon:

To Our Valued Customer:

We have received your equipment for evaluation and repair, as detailed below. Based on our initial examination, we will start the necessary repairs at no charge to you. You can expect the repair to be completed and returned back to you within approximately 10 business days.

It went on to say that if they see water damage, or damage from the camera being dropped then they will reevaluate their estimate. Now unless a ghost used my camera then I should be fine, because as my coworkers, family, friends, & people I've talked to on the street can attest to, I don't let people touch my camera and I know that I'VE never dropped it. :) ;)

Rock on, Canon. I love you.

I went and collected all the rest of my stuff from the paper today. It was very awkward for some reason and made me quite sad. :(

This dog was sitting in front of a guitar store in downtown (historic) Fredericksburg. There were several different types of these all over the city. My friend Ken let me take his back-up digital with me and I wasn't really familar w/the settings. For some reason the photos were VERY bright. Anyway, I thought this was really cute. :)

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