Monday, July 25, 2005

Unknown Soliders

Unknown Soliders
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Rachel Pennington.

Graves of unknown Confederate soldiers in the LaFayette Cemetery in LaFayette, Georgia, USA.

This was the last photo I took before my camera went out on me. :( I honestly believed Kandi jinxed my camera. How? She was walking up that road there that you can see behind the headstones as I was snapping this shot and she turned and said, "Shoo gross, there's something dead in here!" [insert long pause here]. I CRACKED up because she did NOT mean it like THAT. There was a dead animal or something in the bushes and it stunk. She cocked her head in confusion and looked at me and then realized what she said. So you see, it's HER fault. I laughed in a cemetery and therefore broke my camera.

Honey and I are in Virginia today. It was 117 (!) degrees here with the heat index! That is NOT a typo, you read it right: 117! It's miserable.

My camera is in New Jersey. *grin* Regardless of whether I have to pay to get it back, it'll be back to me in three weeks. Yeaaaaa! :) :)

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