Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Axl Grooms

Axl Grooms
Originally uploaded by Rachel Pennington.

My kitty was grooming herself when I got my camera back today but was kind enough to pause to let me get a few shots.

My camera is back! Canon didn't say what was wrong with it but the repair sheet says "PCB Assy., dc/dc, clean/check. It's working great and they gave me a six-month warranty.

Anyway, I'm trying my hand at RAW. I'd like to start shooting exclusively in it, but man, I have a lot to learn.


shithead said...

RAW is the only way to shoot! Once you start you are going to wish you had been doing it all along. Best wishes with it.

Ellen D. said...

I'm so glad the camera didn't take a month. I was feeling your pain! Now what is RAW?