Monday, August 08, 2005

Quick Retreat

Quick Retreat
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I went to my Dad's today after I took my Mom home. My stepmother fixed a nice breakfast and I enjoyed that and then got some shots of their way-too-many-to-count hummingbirds. I used a flash for the photo you see above. I think it made its wings look pretty cool. :)

Brookie got home today around 4. I know that I just left her yesterday, but she had to meet with her employer and decided to drive on home after that for the rest of this week so she can see Cain play football Friday night. It was her first time to drive through Atlanta and she did really well. I'm so glad because I was a nervous wreck!

We still have quite a few things to take down there for her so we will do that this Saturday. Her little room is going to be awfully crowded. And THIS TIME, doggone it, I am GOING to the beach! We didn't get a chance to go this past weekend and I hate being that close to the ocean and not going. :(

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