Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lazy Day

Constipated? Don't forget Bearlax! :) I spotted this on the side of a building in Monticello, Georgia. That's where Cain played football Friday night. It sure is a pretty town. I'm going to have to get back down there.

Yesterday I was working out in the yard and I sliced a layer of skin off the side of my foot on a rusty nail. Doesn't that sound fun? I doused it in peroxide (that burnt!) and then slathered it in Neosporin. Filet of Foot is not very enjoyable.

If that wasn't bad enough, later that afternoon I slammed my living room window down on my middle left finger and ripped half of my fingernail off. :( I'm left-handed so pretty much everything I've done today has hurt my finger. I really should just relax and do nothing tomorrow. *ahem*

Marshall had to go to work for a couple of hours this evening so I watched Remember the Titans. It's my favorite movie right after Jaws. It's a fantastic movie. I'm a major football fan, but even if you're not and you haven't seen it, you need to rush out and get it and watch it. It's awesome. AND some of it was filmed right here near home, at Berry College in Rome. :)

A wonderful site to honor Sept. 11.


Ellen D. said...

This product sounds dangerous!


Donna's Daily tidbits said...

My gosh Rach! Do you want me to just bring a gun and finish ya off?
Eric is back!

Chrisi said...

For Cryin' Out Loud! think you could be little more careful?!?! You'll have to come visit so you can show us your battle wounds. You know nobody shows you sympathy for your pains like we do. ;o)