Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yard Sales are FUN!

This morning I bounced right out of bed at 6:56, took a shower, and left with my friend Kandi to go to a few local yard sales.

The first one that we went to made me quite sick to my stomach because as we were walking up to one section of a 10-family yard sale, the lady in front of us was selling two matted, framed, & signed Hampton prints for TWO dollars a piece. Those prints were easily, EASILY worth $300 a piece. I let her know, too, and then I felt bad about it. I wasn't telling her to make her feel bad (which she didn't appear to care but I know she did), but so that she could maybe tell those people that Oops! she made a mistake. I could've DIED that I didn't get there first though; had it been ME buying them I probably would've kept my lips closed. ;)

We then took off to the Rock Spring Show & Sell which was quite enjoyable. A few people thought Kandi still worked as the photographer for the Messenger so that was kind of fun because she got stopped at just about every booth. The show & sell had all kinds of cute stuff. I'm glad we went.

We then stopped at another yard sale where I bought a book, "Captain Midnight & the Secret Squadron" for ONE whole quarter. The book was published in 1941 and was in remarkable shape. I was quite pleased with my purchase.

I learned today that most everyone writes "Big" and "Huge" on their yard sale advertising signs. Most of the time "big" and "huge" are big lies. what they should be writing is "Really Small Yard Sale," or "I pulled some clothes out of the closet sale."

Overall it was a fantastic day, especially when I came home and took a two-hour nap. I had a couple of nightmares though. Nightmares! During a nap! It wasn't fun. :( I have nightmares a lot lately. Anyway, I tried to talk my dear, sweet hubby into going back to the show & sell so that he could see all of the antique tractors and whatnot, but he declined. Auburn was playing so it was really stupid for me to have asked in the first place. :D

Have a great night!


ShutterFreak said...

"I pulled some clothes out of the closet sale" .... how funny. But very true.

I just now found your blog .. I am old and I am slow :)

rachelpennington said...

:) Well I'm glad you found it, shutterfreak. I hope you enjoy it. :)

rachelpennington said...

P.S. "Old" is a state of mind and I just realized who you are and YOU, my dear friend, aren't the least bit old. :)