Saturday, October 01, 2005

Long Night

We didn't get home this morning until almost 2 a.m. from the ballgame. We lost but Cain had a good game. :) The refs for the game sucked. We still probably would've lost (31-12) but not as badly as we did. I hate it when the refs obviously don't call the game fair--and these did not. At any rate, Cain wasn't hurt so all in all it was a good night. :)

I didn't realize that the school was on fall break next week. I wish we were able to go to Florida like a lot of the other folks are doing, but we can't because Cain has football practice. :(

I can't believe it's October already. Where does the time go?


Ledford Photography said...

I think I fell asleep just reading this "story" ... you need to get stuck in rooms more often... it's much more exciting!

ShutterFreak said...

That is a beautiful photo ... why haven't u posted any shots on flickr lately?