Monday, May 08, 2006

All By Myself

This morning when Marshall got up and left for work and Cain left for school I also got up and headed over to the Chattanooga Nature Center--all by myself! If you knew what a chicken I am, you'd be quite proud of me for going all alone. I was quite pleased with myself. :)

My plans didn't work out as initially planned though: Cain had left my phone at his girlfriend's house last night, so I had to wait for her mother to come to work so I could pick my phone up. I went and visited with my old co-workers while I waited and enjoyed seeing them.

I had a nice pleasant time, but would've had more fun had my pal Kandi or another photographer go with me. I was mainly just lonely. I stayed for five hours though and I DID have a good time. I just prefer someone to be with me I reckon.

I don't know if any of you watched David Blaine on ABC tonight, but Marshall and I were both freaked out by it. That guy needs help! If I was his mama I'd ground him! ;) Seriously, the stuff he does literally makes me so nervous that I get a little sick to my tummy, but I can't quit watching him.

1. List three words that describe YOU.
1) Funny; 2) Caring; 3) Giving
2. List three words that describe YOUR HOME.
1) Welcoming; 2) Old; 3) Quaint
3. List three words that describe YOUR TOWN.
1) Historic; 2) Friendly; 3) Southern
4. List three words that describe YOUR STATE.
1) Awesome; 2) Spectacular; 3) Everything

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