Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baseball & Sunshine

Today Cain had a double-header so before his game we headed to the Chattanooga National Cemetery to visit my grandfather's grave. I have never been to his grave before. He died when I was seven months old. I want to go back and visit when I have more time so that I can explore the cemetery.

Cain's team won one game and lost one game. It was miserably hot and Brooke got a little sick. She was fine after a while. We followed the shade with our chairs so she would be ok.

Tomorrow Brooke is going home and Cain is going with her. Marshall and I are headed to Atlanta to catch a flight to a job that he has in Kansas. His boss bought me a ticket to go out with him so he didn't have to go alone. :) We are both very excited. We have friends staying at the house so that all of our animals will be taken care of and we will be home on Thursday.

I'm exhausted. Have a good night.
  1. Bounce: Ball
  2. Wasting time: Always
  3. Utility: Belt
  4. London: Bridge is falling down...
  5. Pregnant: I Wish!
  6. Cranberry: Pills (I take them for urinary health)
  7. International: Spy
  8. Disappointment: Sets In
  9. Sponsor: a child
  10. Second: time around


Val Ewing said...

OMG, talk about hot!!!! No kidding at all! We northerners melted this weekend!

Elizabeth said...

It is okay to assume that you are taking your camera and will take lots of photos and then share them with us, right?