Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kansas Is FUN!

Marshall and I stayed in Atlanta last night so that we'd most assuredly be at the Atlanta airport in time to catch our flight to Kansas City, Mo. We made it to the airport just fine but the lines were a lot longer than we expected. We weren't thinking about Memorial Day being a huge traveling time, so there were a lot of people at the airport. Thankfully the lines moved rather quickly.

We got on the plane at first call and I was extremely frustrated when we got to our seats: they were the very last seats on the plane, no seats behind us at all. AND there was no window. I was so sad because I had been looking forward to looking out the window. :( I won't get on a plane super early again: I got pretty frightened because it was a) so small, and b) I was going to be flying. I came --><-- that close to getting off the plane and saying "forget it." I was fine once the plane took off. I just kept acting like I was on a fast moving train. :)

I already dread AND look forward to the plane ride home and I devised a plan while I was showering tonight in case the plane home crashes: I'm going to head-butt Marshall as hard as I can so that it knocks us both out (after we've said our final prayers, of course), and that way we won't know we're falling out of the sky. My uncle suggested I see if I can scream all the way down. *LOL* :)

Anyway, we're in Kansas now. Well, actually we're staying in Missouri, but we're right on the line, basically. I really like it. You can just see the sky forever, it's great. :) I can't wait to explore the area. We rode into Kansas City after Marshall finished up his day and it was a lovely old city. I took that photo as we were driving down the interstate towards the city.


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