Friday, June 16, 2006

Patiently Waiting

I'm patiently waiting for Cain to get home from football practice so that he and I can go visit some friends. Marshall is working in LaGrange yet AGAIN and won't be home until late tomorrow night. :o(

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

What is a word that you use that would not be considered common? "Plethora." I'm all about it. :o) Want to know what it means? Look it up. ;) Incorporate it into your daily conversations.

What theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year? Same as every year: National Wildlife Federation. That's in my bedroom near my desk, and in my kitchen I have a calendar of the New York City skyline that Brooke brought me from her trip to New York last year.

Name 3 people you speak with by telephone a regular basis. Marshall, Brooke, Cain

Main Course
If you could buy a new outfit for someone you know - who would it be and what would you purchase for them? I would buy something for my mom. :) She's one of those mom's who thinks she's still 20, but not as bad as what you'd see on Jerry Springer. :) Hee hee!

What is the last beverage you drank? Milk. Yum Yum!