Thursday, June 08, 2006

What A Fun-Filled Day!

Marshall is still out of town and I've been pretty miserable without him. I need a shoulder to cry on. I was so miserable tonight after my wonderful day (that I'll talk about in a second). I really needed someone, but didn't really have any words to say, so I just sat and thought about things. I know I'll feel better when Marshall is here.

Today my buddy Kandi came and got me and pulled me out of this misery over my Dad. She's alway so good about being here for me. And when I say "here" I mean at my house. LOL She won't listen to me whine about things over the phone, like, "No, I think I'll just stay here," or "No, I don't want to go." She just comes here and basically says, "Get out, let's go." Which is flat out rude, isn't it? ;) Granted, we had things to do today, but I'm certain that even if we didn't, she'd have came to get me out of here.

We went to Coolidge Park for a shoot for a retiring rabbi, and it was loads of fun. It was particulary loads of fun when we were walking by huge water spouts in the Tennessee River. All of a sudden the wind changed, and instead of the water blowing in the river like it had been doing, it took a turn and pretty much gave Kandi (and unfortunately her camera) a nice shower. Her shirt, in the photo above, was actually a very, very light green color, :o) I'm a horrible friend because instead of helping her, I had to turn and walk off because I was laughing so hard I thought I might wet myself. I am still laughing just thinking about it. In a mere instant she was soaked to the bone. It was great!

I didn't go see my Dad today. He had a really rough night last night and his blood pressure dropped so low because he was in such pain that he blacked out. I'm really trying to think positive thoughts about this, but when I hear things like this I can't help but think that maybe more is going on that what we realize. And then I start thinking about Uncle Tony and how fast he went and ...... well, I just can't seem to shake the idea that maybe Daddy is a lot sicker than what we realize. On the other hand (the rational part of me), I think that yes, he IS going to be just fine and that I'm being silly to even consider that he wouldn't be. I want to think that he will be up and out of there in no time, but when you see him, and you see how bad he's hurting, and that there seems to be no relief in sight, well, it's just hard to be positive.

I know the power of prayer is awesome. I know that lots and lots of people are praying for him. I just don't want to go through what I went through in November with my uncle (who died of liver cancer). And I don't really need anyone to say anything. I'm not looking for sympathy because that doesn't really help. I'm just saying that I don't really know if I could handle things if I lost my Daddy. I realize also that I'm a Drama Queen. But for pete's sake...if you knew everything that has gone on in that hospital you'd probably feel the same way I do.

I do appreciate so much my friends and my "old" coworkers being there for me. I love you guys so very much. I know y'all know that. Seems like I've had more than my share of borrowing your shoulders over the years that you guys have known me. Thanks for still being there for me. Especially through this.

Thirteen Reasons Why I Love My Dad

1. Well he gave me this wonderful sense of humor that I have so how could I not love him?! ;)

2. He instilled a great love of nature in me.

3. When I was in elementary and middle school he would always draw Snoopy or Charlie Brown or something else on my brown paper lunch sacks, and I took my lunch every day.

4. His "Sudden Song." It's not nearly as fun to explain on here, but when my brother and I would be daydreaming in the back seat of the car, or dozing off, on the way home from whereever we'd been, and things were completely quiet, my Dad would YELL this song as loud as he could and as sudden as he could, hence the name, and scare the freakin' bejeepers outta us: "SUDDENLY I SING MY SUDDEN SONG TO YOU, HOPE IT DON'T MAKE YOU BLUE, WHEN I SING MY SUDDEN SONG TO YOU!"

5. His "Well, I Caught Me A Duck" song. I'll have to sing it for you, and most of you know it because I sing it often. :)

6. His endless knowledge of our family history. And then some. :)

7. His bear hugs, which make you feel like you might pop.

8. Because most of the time he was my Dad AND my mom. Imagine being a father and having to explain what a period is to your 11 year old daughter (and on the contrary imagine being the daughter and having to hear that talk from your father).

9. Because of his jobs I pretty much grew up at Rock City and Sequoyah Caverns. He was the art director at Rock City for most of my childhood and would always let me "help" him with whatever he was working on for Mother Goose Village. :) How fun is THAT?!

10. Because instead of telling me that I was silly for being so scared when I was little, he would come sleep with me until I dozed off.

11. Because he's always let me make my own decisions.

12. Because he always used to let me go hiking with him for hours on end, even though he said I fell with just about every other step I took.

13. Because he never, ever fails to say, "I love you, Squirt."

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Anonymous said...

Well it's like this: WE AREN'T JUST YOUR OLD CO-WORKERS!We love you and will always be here for you even if any of us are states away. We are friends for life. We love you and never ever get tired because you have been our shoulder when we needed it and we know you always will be. Love you girl!

Val Ewing said...

Yesterday I couldn't get in to leave a I can...Just wanted you to know, still here and thinking of you.
Good to hear that you actually had a day where you could laugh.