Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

This picture makes me laugh. Apparently my cat, Neak Neak, was ready for her close-up. :) I was trying to take pictures of flowers.

Marshall is home. I'm so glad. I've missed him a bunch, especially because I was such a Whiny McTittyBabyPants the other day. He doesn't KNOW that I was pouting--but I do.

1. The best dog I've ever had was my Doberman, Danda, who lived for 13 years. I loved that dog better than just about anything.
2. When my temporary job is over at the newspaper, I'm really, reallllllly going to miss my co-workers.
3. I really want to start drinking more water. I never drink it.
4. I haven't taken any pictures in a long time. I really want to go shooting.
5. Football starts in 36 more days. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it.
6. Cain starts back to school tomorrow. He'll be a junior. I can't believe it!
7. He also had to pay $20 for a locker and another $20 for a parking place. Isn't that a little much?
8. I want to see Final Destination 3. I love those movies.
9. My daughter is a nutball. She is, without question, her mother's child.
10. So is Cain.
11. I sure do love my little Axl Rose. I wish she would lay in my lap like I see other cats do.
12. Chrisi keeps telling me that my eyes aren't green. I think she lies.
13. I'm going to bed.



Elizabeth said...

I could possibly understand for a parking pass, but $20 bucks for a locker. Ours are free! That's so ridiculous. Ain't school starting earlier and earlier. Corey starts back on Aug 3. Even though he's satisfied with his classes he is still not looking forward to going back. I think that's cool. Cain's a Junior and Corey's a Sophomore.

Anonymous said...

For Crying Out Loud! Don't try and blame Marshall for your being a whinymctitterpants or whatever you called yourself. You know you are always that way. :)

rachelpennington said...

Liz~It's insane. I have no idea why they charge that much.

Donna~Well I ceretainly can't blame MYSELF! That's unheard of. ;)