Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stormy Georgia

These storm clouds are from July 26, 2004, but thankfully we had a similar storm today. We got some much-needed rain when a storm moved through this afternoon. There as a LOT of lightning. It was beautiful, but spooky. :)

My co-workers aren't brave like me and they SURE did whine and carry on every time a streak of lightning would flash right outside our building. It's a good thing they have me there to be brave and get them through the rough stuff. One of them wouldn't even leave until the storm settled down. What a chicken poo-poo. *ahem*

Marshall is home tonight, finally. He's been gone since Monday to Atlanta, and I'm sure I might've mentioned this before, but I HATE it when he's gone. Tomorrow we'll be heading to Virginia because he has a job to do there. I am very excited. I love Virginia. :) My brother will be coming to stay at my house to take care of my animals..oh, and my son. ;) Somebody has got to keep that boy in line.


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