Thursday, September 07, 2006

Much Better!

This is Lake Guntersville in Alabama. Marshall and I went there at the first of the year and it's a beautiful place.

I'm feeling much better today. My fever broke last night around 10 o'clock. I know this because Marshall woke me up JUST to tell me. He said that I was really clammy, and therefore, my fever must be breaking. Isn't that sweet of him? *grumble* I did fall back asleep but woke up at 3:13 and stayed awake for the rest of the morning.

I woke up to a mess in the kitchen and plates, glasses, chips, and cookie wrappers in the living room. I guess they had a big party while I was in there practically dying! ;) I'm TRYING to keep my house looking great. What part of that don't they get?

Look at this awesome photo of Cain taken by my buddy Matt Ledger, (for the Walker Co. Messenger). I LOVE this photo:

Isn't Cain a doll? Yes, he looks a lot like his mom.... ;) Actually, he DOES look a lot like me. Only better looking. :)


jen said...

Glad you are better!!!!

Southernwoman said...

I'm glad you are feeling better too!

While I sorta, but not really, yet kinda understand why Marshall woke you up to tell you (wishy-washy I am), I say that you should wake him up at 3 in the morning and when he asks why say "I just wanted to you to know that you don't have a fever." Then again, a small part of me is just plain mean. lol

Southernwoman said...

Oh,and yes, Cain is a doll. But his Mom is Beautiful so how could he not be?

rachelpennington said...

Thanks Jen! Oh, I need your email address again, please. I lost all of mine and had to go back to an old file to recover a few, but yours wasn't in there. Please email me.

southernwoman~LMBO! Sounds like a plan to me. :D He'll probably smother me under the covers though. ;) I need your address too, please! And thanks for your comment about Cain, but more importantly the one about me. ;)