Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good Morning!

This is another gorgeous stained-glass piece made by my pal Dawnia. Isn't it lovely? My hope is to buy one of her pieces for each slot on my screened-in porch. We got lucky with the two pieces we have now because she traded these for work that Marshall has done for her. :)

I'm afraid I have created a monster. Lucy is a brat. It used to be cute, but not so much anymore. Well, SOMETIMES it still is, but she does NOT listen. It's just like having a toddler in the house. Right now she's barking at me, chewing up anything she can find, showing me what she has in her mouth in then taking off running with it, wanting me to chase her around the house. Ignoring her does no good because she'll keep on until you chase her, no matter HOW long you try and wait her out. Brat dog.

I'm working around the house today, trying to get things ready for the week. We're going to Kentucky for a few days and I'm really looking forward to it. We COULD be on a cruise right now with Marshall's parents and oldest sister, but we opted not to go because we didn't want to miss any of Cain's games. Instead of exotic locations, we're going to Kentucky, and I'm absolutely fine with that. Really, I am. :)

Do any of you ever have trouble getting to my website? Seems Yahoo keeps slowing down and sometimes it takes me FOREVER to get my page to load. Do you have that problem?

Go have a look-see at the funny (or maybe not so funny) joke on my pal Deb's place: Sugarfused. This really IS going to be a scary Halloween.

Have a beautiful day.


Brooke said...

Yep, y'all have fun seeing your FAVORITE child!

Val Ewing said...

LOL @ Brooke!

I don't have trouble getting into your site at all!

Kentucky, why darling just another 12 hrs and you could be visiting WI!!

dawnia said...

Doodie headed ninnymuggins! I LOVE IT!

I'm so glad Brooke has finally accepted that she is not the favorite. Her steps to recovery can begin (evil grin).

What neither of those doodie heads realize is that Rowan is about to be the ultimate favorite. (evil laugh).

And that piece... it does look lovely there but probably like many of your pics, I see the imperfections. It was one of the first pieces I cut out. I didn't solder it forever, it sat on the slab awaiting finishing for literally years. I'm glad you like it, it was not hard to part with. Knowing what I know now, I'd kind like to have my cactus back... much like my heart, it probably means nothing anymore. Probably shattered long ago. Sigh.

I'd rather go to Kentucky on a cruise too I think. Too many people.

Babble babble. I miss you. We need to figure out a KY weekend before I hatch and hatching is near.

And as for that dog... I can't make any comment other then to say I love cats.

Chas said...

That is so beautiful... I *heart* stained glass. Do you have a link to her work?
Have a great day, and oh that comic is pretty funny... and sad in the same way.