Sunday, November 30, 2008

All Is Quiet Again

Well, Cain left this afternoon so now everything around here is quiet again. Luckily Brooke will be home for good around Dec. 15th and Cain will be coming home around Dec. 17th for a solid month. Yay! I much prefer their noise than peace and quiet.

I worked on getting the house back in order today. Marshall had to work and Cain went to church (should've went with him!) so I had a few quiet hours by myself. I turned on some Christmas music (Elvis) and got some of my laundry finished, and just did general straightening. The house already looks much better.

We are absolutely LOVING this new television. We signed up for High-Def programming from Comcast and WOW what a difference it makes. We're very happy that I didn't want to keep that other gift. :)

We may get a nice, wintry mix tomorrow. I doubt we will see any snow but it sure makes one excited--or at least it makes THIS one excited. :)

Have a good night!


Val Ewing said...

New TV? Wow I got one of those in the 90's [giggle]...that one is a beauty!

Glad to see you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and got to visit with the kids.

rachelpennington said...

Yep, we love it, too. Truthfully, sometimes I wish we didn't even have one. :)