Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Rowan Is Here!

Baby Rowan Gray was born tonight. Dawnia delivered by c-section and Rowan weighs 9 lbs. and 10oz. We're, of course, in Indiana, so I haven't got to see her yet but I sure can't wait. :) Mom and baby are both doing fine.

We got to Fort Wayne, Indiana, around 1 this afternoon. It was only a three-hour drive from where we stayed last night. The snow was coming down like crazy today. It snowed very hard and it was beautiful. There's probably 3/4 of an inch on the ground. Love it!

I had my first drink from Starbucks today. I've never been there before. We were freezing (the high here, by the way, was 27 today) so Marshall went through and got himself a coffee and got me a hot chocolate. I hated it. It was horrible. It tasted like the little semi-sweet chocolates (or dark chocolate) that you buy to bake in cookies. Yuck. Give me Swiss Miss any day!

After we pulled out of the drive-through, Marshall made a little comment about a game he wanted to play. I made my own little comment back to him and FOR THE FIRST TIME in our 24+ years of being together, I made him laugh so hard that he spit his coffee all over the place. You should see the smile I'm smiling right now. I'm practically beaming. :) Anyway, I got so tickled at his instantaneous laughter that I SERIOUSLY almost blacked out, and I'm not even kidding. I was laughing so hard so quickly that I guess I lost my breath. Anyway, good times. I'm very proud of me. He spit his coffee! Woo hoo!

We had a great dinner with a few of our buddies and now we're relaxing in our hotel. Cain plays tomorrow at noon. We got to see him for a few minutes tonight. We bought him some gloves to keep his hands warm as tomorrow's high is only going to be 35. We brought a ton of clothes so we'll be all layered up. It's freezing-butt cold up here. I think their cold up here in Indiana is different than our cold at home in Georgia. Their cold cuts right through you, or that's how it seems anyway. I like it though. :)


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