Monday, November 03, 2008

Chickamauga Battlefield

This tree, and another that is behind me in a field, is something I look forward to seeing EVERY year. I want one so badly in my yard that I can hardly stand it, and even though we have an acre of land here in the city, there are trees in every spot. :( This IS my favorite tree. Gorgeous, yes?

Today was a beautiful day. The weather is a little warmer than I would like it to be, but I guess I can make do. :0)

This morning on the news I heard the reporter mention a house fire on the street that Kandi lives on. It took a minute to register that the reporter said "Doe Drive" (not the real name), and then he mentioned that there were injuries, but didn't know the extent of the injuries. It scared me half to death.

Kandi and her immediate family were fine, but one of her cousins was burnt pretty badly. She said she believes they left clothes too close to a heater. Scary stuff. People really need to be more careful with heaters. I think a good general rule is that you don't place anything on or near something with the word "heater" in it. ;) Common sense, folks, common sense.

We cooked out at the house tonight and just relaxed here at home. My house is a wreck. I've GOT to get it clean. I guess I'll get on that tomorrow. :)

I'm off to read, which is all I'm doing lately. :)

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