Saturday, July 11, 2009


My Mom. Wasn't she a beautiful baby? She was SO fat and had so many rolls. Someone once asked my grandmother if she put rubberbands around my mom's wrists because of the fat rolls. See her wrist? I'm not sure why anyone would do that to their baby. LOL.

I called my Mom this morning to see if she was going to be home. Brooke and I wanted to ride out to see her since we won't be able to see her on her birthday, which is tomorrow--or so I thought.

Her birthday was yesterday.

I missed it. And it was a "big" birthday. She just turned sixty (holy cow, my mom is SIXTY!). She said she couldn't believe that I didn't call her. It really hurt her feelings, and I'm sure that it did. :(

I know that I have always gotten hers and my late grandmother's birthdays confused. I thought that Granny Ruth's birthday was on June 10 and Mom's birthday was on July 12. I was wrong.

I actually made my mom show me her ID to prove to me that I was wrong and that she did indeed know her own birthdate. LOL

Yeah, but um, I wasn't kidding when I made her show me. I felt awful that I had the date wrong. I'm still calling her in the morning and singing Happy Birthday. I also told her that she's so old now that she probably won't even remember that I messed the days up. I'm sure that made her feel better.

Mom has been going through a bunch of boxes that she has had in storage for the past several years. She gave me tons of photos and I'm so excited to be going through them all. :)

I haven't packed a thing. Nothing. I'll be in panic mode tomorrow but I think I work better under pressure. Actually I know I work better under pressure. I just hope I don't forget anything, like battery chargers, phone chargers, etc. I've made a list (my daughter and I are both obsessive list-makers) so hopefully I'll remember everything.

Hope your day was a great one. :)

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