Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Back To July 13th :)

Here is the sunset we were treated to on Saturday night after all of that horrible rain. This was taken on the bay side of Alligator Point.

Hi! :) As you may have noticed I was gone for a full week. I'd suggest you scroll down to July 13th and read back up to this post.

I'm exhausted and happy to be home, just my family and myself. Today I ran errands and tomorrow after the gym I'm coming home and locking my doors and pretending I'm not here. :) Funny how going on a vacation exhausts you, huh?

I sent my Canon 30D off for cleaning today. I'll be in mourning until it comes back home to me.

Blah... I hate being without it. As soon as it comes back I'm sending my big lens off and then my Canon xTi. They need some MAJOR cleaning after their trip to the beach.

Later, gators!


Val Ewing said...

well golly, you shouldn't take them swimming!
just kidding.
sounds like you had a wonderful time!

welcome back...

rachelpennington said...

LOL! I guess I'll know next time, huh? ;)

We did have a wonderful time. It was a beautiful place and we look forward to going back this winter--or so we hope!

Thanks for the WB. :)

Val Ewing said...