Thursday, July 09, 2009


I know you're considered "old" when you hit 40, but I'm barely over that hill and I think my body is falling apart on me. :(

These past few days haven't been good for me physically and I pray (and hope that you will, too) that I feel better before we go on vacation. This is just NUTS. It seems like there's ALWAYS something wrong with me, and I'm sure people would consider me a hypochondriac --IF-- if they weren't able to see what's ailing me. I'm not making this stuff up, folks. You can literally see what's wrong with me...well, for the most part anyway. I need/want to feel better. This sucks. :(



dawnia said...

I know you are eating better than you ever have in your life BUT are you eating the right things for the stuff that ails you? Many problems can be solved by the right nutrition. I should get you a book....teeheehee.

Unknown said...

Get better sweetie and just smile and read whatever book D gives you. :) I just want ya healthy.

(Momma gave me one of the photos she bought from you in a nice frame as a "here's the apartment" gift....she wants to know if you are going back to New Salem this year too.) I told her I'd ask. :P

Love you bunches! Feel better!