Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Day

This is YoYo. He is the brother of our dog, Hopper. He is INSANE over chasing anything and bringing it back to you about 8 million times so you can throw it that many more times. Today he found a rotten tomato. I only threw it to him once before he devoured it. :) He's a funny, funny dog.

Cain went to spend the day with his girlfriend and Brooke had to work. Marshall and I drove out to see his parents for a couple of hours. It was SUCH a beautiful, cool, fall-like day. We sure enjoyed visiting with them and Marshall's sister before heading on off the mountain.

We drove over to South Pittsburg, Tenn., and had a picnic. This was our view:

After we ate, I decided to check my iPhone Geocaching app to see if there were any Geocaches in the area and there was one so we found it within walking distance of where we had our picnic:

It was a sign-only Geocache but it has given me the bug. I'm ready to start going again. :) I absolutely LOVE Geocaching and we haven't done it much this summer because I don't want to be rooting around in stuff and get bit by a snake...not my idea of fun.

We drove over to a place where I've always loved going because I find lots and lots of butterflies. No such luck this time though. :( I was pretty disappointed that we didn't find many butterflies BUT it was still beautiful over that way and we had a good time:

I loved how the soybean fields looked so beautiful and green under that blue sky. :)

Oh, and I did see a few butterflies today:

We stopped by and saw my Mom and nephew for about 20 minutes before heading on home. We had a great day and it still feels so wonderful outside.

Hope your day was a good one. :)


Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that some of my Hills went to South Pittsburg? I tell you, we're related!!!

Val Ewing said...

What a beautiful day Rachel!

Keep having them!