Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Not Good

I have had a rough day today. I haven't felt well enough to even get out of bed until about an hour ago. I think the fact that I can't eat (much) combined with the fact that I NEED to eat to take my pain medication is making me dizzy, woozy, and just generally yucky. AND I can't have any Diet Coke for at least five days. :( I'm trying to quit altogether, but not having ANY for five days is going to be really hard on me. :(

This was NOT how I wanted to ring in September. It's almost fall. I'm so ready! :)

Good night.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

OH my! You need to be able to eat for those meds.

I quite Diet Coke years ago ~~ it was hard, but I don't drink it anymore...and I absolutely love water now!