Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain. Again.

It rained again allllll day today. That was fine with me, I suppose. I just hope we still have some leaves left by this weekend when I can actually get out and take pictures.

We had leftover homemade vegetable soup and it was just delicious. I enjoy the cool weather so I can make soups and chili and the like. It's so simple and it always tastes wonderful.

I'm a full-time babysitter now. I have to watch Humphrey all the time for Brooke which is usually fine but today he was a big whiny baby. He's SO cute though so you cannot stay mad at him. ;) Lucy is even coming around which makes me feel so much better. She even sat by me on the couch and that just made my whole day. I just love her to pieces. I don't want her to hate me because of sweet little Humphrey.

Speaking of Humphrey, DailyPuppy.com has asked if they could use the picture of him in his little scarf on their website on Halloween day for their "Howl-O-Ween" special. Of course I agreed to let them. :)



Anonymous said...

She's just behaving like a spoiled little brat :) Use child psychology on her :)

Val Ewing said...

Awesome Rachel regarding the photo!

That is cool!

As for pups? What can I say...I bet they'll become best buddies soon enough.
Lucy just hates sharing you.