Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanna Be

Humphrey is all decked out in orange and black to honor his big brother (Cain) in his game tomorrow. Humphrey hasn't met Cain yet but he knows he wants to be a Union Bulldog when he grows up. :)

Yes, Brooke bought him a scarf, but I can't say anything because I bought Lucy a bikini when we went to Florida.

This morning, even though it was pouring down rain, Marshall and I drove to the top of Pigeon Mountain. They finally got one of the roads fixed so we could get up the mountain but we were surprised at how many landslides there were due to last month's flooding. It poured down on us the whole time we were out but I still got some pretty good pictures. :)

We are leaving at 6 in the morning to go watch Cain in his last home game of the year. We play Shorter, out of Rome, Ga. so he will be playing against some of the boys he played against when he was in high school. We are looking forward to the game. AND we are looking forward to the cold weather. The high up there is only going to be 53, and it's been in the low 70's here at home. Yuck. HATE warm weather in the late fall.

Boy is it sure dark at 7 in the morning. I'll be happy to "fall back" which we will do on Nov. 1. I love getting up early but I prefer it to be daylight. :)


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LOL! How cute!