Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Won

Cain is the player closest to the left in the white uniform. He had a good game and his team won 21-6. It was SO cold. I think the temp was 40 and there was a light drizzle during the whole game. We didn't get to see him very long after the game. I hate that. :(

On the way to the field today we stopped by Natural Tunnel State Park, which you can read about by clicking HERE. It was a pretty neat little find. We rode a chairlift down to the tunnel and I thought we both might freeze before we got to the bottom. The tunnel is amazing. I always love it when we find little roadside treasures like this when we're traveling. :)

We saw snow tonight! It was coming down pretty good. I'm not sure what mountain we were on but I do know that we were on Kingdom Come Parkway (no seriously, that's what it's called). The color up here is gorgeous, too. I hope our leaves are this pretty back in Georgia. I think we've had too much rain though. :(

We have a hotel room here in Harlan, Kentucky, but you won't know this because we have no internet service nor phone service. :(

Can't wait to get home. :)

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