Monday, August 22, 2011

Change Up

Today I went with Brooke and my buddy, Kandi, to see "Change Up," starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. The movie was funny, but so vulgar that I was actually embarrassed to be watching it with my daughter. Why do movies have to be so nasty, and have so many curse words? They dropped the F-bomb so many times that I started to think there were no other words in the movie. I was really disappointed. :(

After the movie we went and ordered Brooke & Chad's wedding invitations & then had lunch/supper at O'Charley's. Their potato soup should be illegal to eat. It's SO good. ;)

Brooke and I walked two miles after we got home. We should've waited until a little later in the evening (we walked at 6 p.m.) but it was still so hot. I'm still proud that we got our two miles in.

Night! :)

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