Thursday, August 18, 2011

The One-Day Lisa C. Shred

This morning Brooke and I THOUGHT we were going to the gym to DISCUSS with Lisa, our trainer, a new workout for us so that we can keep moving while our regular Pump class is on hiatus. Brooke and I were wrong.

There was no discussion. No lessons. Instead we were treated to a kick-butt workout session like nothing I've ever experienced before. In fact, it was so intense that Brooke threw up (luckily she made it to the bathroom first). One hour of torture, but it was worth every single second. We can't wait for our next class.

Lisa is the bombdiggety. She has me so excited that I went and bought some new workout/running shoes (Reebok ZigTech I think is what they're called), and some new workout clothes that I found on clearance at Hibbett's Sports. I got some REALLY good deals on those clothes. I've been wearing men's shorts so I'm pretty excited to have (and be able to fit into) women's workout clothes. Yay!

Happy first Birthday to my Panasonic FZ35, which is basically a point and shoot camera. I love it dearly. It captures color better than any camera I've ever owned. So happy birthday, wonderful little camera. I heart you.

Nighty night.

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