Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not So Smart

Today I thought I'd be smart - and helpful - by setting out some nectar for the honeybees so they would stay off of my hummingbird feeders. And it was an amazing idea except for that for SOME reason I set the bowl on my porch.

On my front porch. Where we walk in.

That wasn't a good idea.

My intentions were good though (and I saved the little bee that's upside down in the nectar). I waited for them to empty that bowl and then I moved it elsewhere.

I'm too sweet for my own good sometimes. ;)

PUMP class started back this morning and Brooke and I were a couple of minutes late but we sure were glad to be back. Class was packed, too. Now we will be working out four days a week and also walking. I feel SO great. I really do. I get sore, of course, but I feel wonderful and I'm loving working out.

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