Sunday, July 15, 2012

Great Day!

I got this photo today. To me it's one of those photos that a nature photographer dreams of (or it was for this photohobbyist anyway). I had a great day taking photos. :)

We did some exploring around our local area today. I got lots of butterfly photos and several of that little hummer, too. It was very hot though, but thankfully not as hot as it has been.

I finished reading "Becoming Sister Wives" about the polygamist family that stars on TLC's "Sister Wives" reality show. After reading the book I feel like the show portrays them to be 100-percent happy with one another the majority of the time. I thought they were best friends, but after reading the book I realize that's not the case at all. It actually made me kind of sad to see that they were not BFF's. I personally could never live that lifestyle because I'm not about sharing my hubby, but boy howdy, every other part of their lifestyle makes me wish I did have sister wives. :)


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