Friday, August 03, 2012

Cops Show?

A police officer just stopped someone right in front of our house (an old Ford pick-up with a wrecker-type hook-up in the back). A kid who looked about 12-14 years old jumped out of the back of it and hauled butt to the woods across the street. It was a full-on "Cops" chase. The officer found the kid, yelled at him to get down & kneed him in the back (to hold him down) & then cuffed him & walked him to the car. Turns out it wasn't a kid at all, but a man who probably does a LOT of drugs to look the way he looked. Do I need to remind anyone how much I hate living in the city? No?  Okay...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin, Tiffany.  I love you! :)

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