Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gone Home

I cried quietly to myself for a while last night as I knew Brooke would be leaving this morning. With all the commotion of the move and having family over (which I was very thankful for and happy about) I feel like we didn't get to spend a lot of time together. I probably won't get to see her again until Sept., but that will just be a brief visit, and then probably not again until Christmas. :( I'm really going to miss her.

I forgot to mention that Marshall was mowing yesterday morning and ran into a nest of Copperheads. It like to have scared him to death because he certainly wasn't expecting to stir up poisonous snakes.There were six of them and they were all up behind the barn. Needless to say, the doggies won't be spending any time up there.  Eew. Ah, the joys of being back on the mountain! :) Seriously - I'd take snakes over the traffic, noise, and people of the city ANY day.

Brooke and I went to the old house before she went home. She had things there that she wanted to get (yay! Less for me to bring here!) and then I got several more things ready to bring here.

I'm about to get ready to get all country and farmy.  Things I've never done (which a southerner should be ashamed for not having done):

1) Shucked corn.  I tried, but when I see the worms I get all kinds of heebie jeebies, and who needs that? ;)
2) Broke beans.
3. Used a pressure cooker.

All of that is going to change. I'm going to try create more meals that we can freeze so that we can save money. We also hope to have a small garden next year and I'm really excited about that. We want to become more self-sufficient so hopefully this will get us on the right track.

Tonight is the first night Marshall and I have had alone in the house. Feels very quiet...and very nice!

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