Monday, September 24, 2012

Lucy Goose

Doesn't this look extremely uncomfortable?  I think so.

Lucy apparently got stung because she has been limping since Saturday evening.  My hubby found one of those stupid European hornets in the house so apparently she has been stung.  Poor little thing.  I know how much it hurt Hopper when she got stung so I know that Lucy must really be aching.

Today I went to WM to get supplies and I came across some Better Homes & Gardens "good smellies" (scented wax cubes) If you have a WM nearby then what'cher gonna wanna do is go there NOW and buy these scents:

* Crisp Fall Leaves (my favorite!)
* A Thankful Harvest (you'll be thanking me!)
* Sparkling Cranberry Zest
* Mulberry Plum Spice

Those last two are for Christmas time but I went ahead and grabbed them because I bet Wal Mart will be sold out of all these amazing scents soon.

I slept pretty good last night, believe it or not. I didn't get scared until it got dark but I still did okay.  GooOO me!


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