Sunday, September 09, 2012

More Riding

We went riding again today. We started out in this field behind the house, where I saw this:

And this:

And with its wings closed:

Right before we left the field my hubby had to turn around to see what I was doing (I was taking photos of those butterflies):

Here's some of the views we got to see:

And then I, not listening to the words of my hubby when he has said in the past, "Never drive THROUGH a mud puddle - always drive AROUND them," I had to go THROUGH the puddle. I almost face-planted because it was so deep. I got everything soaking wet (including my camera):

See my pants leg? Soaking wet.  From now on I'll take his advice ("You never can tell how deep a mud puddle is going to be on roads or trails where 4x4's go.")  He wasn't kidding.

I'm lucky I didn't die, but boy, what a great time! :)


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