Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today I took GiGi to the vet to be spayed, and to get a heartworm shot (since she threw up the heartworm pill before it had time to get in her system), and for her second set of shots. Normally you have to leave the dog overnight but my vet trusted me enough to keep her in her crate and to keep her from jumping around.

Poor baby... she is having a rough time. She's SOOOOOOO tiny that I worried sick all day until I picked her up, but I believe she will be JUST fine. :)

If I ever have a horrible wreck it's probably because I was dodging 1) a wooly worm in the fall, 2) or a butterfly in the summer. I will swerve all over the road to miss them and it makes me sick if I hit either. Just blame it on the wooly worm, folks. I mean WHERE are those little guys going? I hate hitting them. I just absolutely hate it. :(

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