Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Few Things

Schroeder was all up in our business when Brooke and I were trying to make wreaths the other day.

I don't have much to talk about so I'll share with you this silly meme everyone seems to be doing on FB (someone gives you a number and you have to tell that many things about yourself that people may not know).

I got the number 13. Here are mine:

1. I'm an introvert. I really am.
2. I'm a published photographer with some of my photos used by such places as the Philadelphia Zoo, Audubon Society, Perfect Horse Magazine, and several books (toot toot!).
3 I wash my hands more than any person should wash their hands. I probably have the cleanest hands in the whole wide world.
4. Shirts MUST be hung the same way on the hangers. MUST be.
5. I have over 700 Christmas songs on iTunes.
6. My parents took me along with them when they saw Jaws when it opened in the theater. I was six. I was TERRIFIED and wouldn't even get in the bathtub. I didn't swim in the ocean again until I was 40. Jaws is my all-time favorite movie and I'm sure I've literally watched it over 100 times.
7. My first job was as a tour guide at Sequoyah Caverns, but I think I only got the job because my Daddy was the manager.
8. I'm seriously super-shy around people I don't know.
9. I was so traumatized by an event that happened when I was about 8 that I wouldn't sleep by myself until...well, ever. I thought a robber had broken into our house (long story) and it scarred me for life.
10. I don't know my multiplication tables (is it even called "tables"?).
11. My most favorite job I had was working at a video (VHS) store in my hometown. I loved that job.
12. I recently rededicated my life to Jesus.
13. One of my favorite stories growing up was "Little Black Sambo." It never occurred to me that it was racist. It could've been "Little White Sambo" for all I cared. I loved that book.

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