Friday, November 08, 2013

What A Day!

Here's a photo with (from left) my Aunt Ginger, me, and my Aunt Karen (they are my Daddy's sisters). This is as we were leaving for the conference. The colors in Pigeon Forge are just gorgeous.

We heard several great speakers today, including this wonderful, beautiful soul:

That's Lulu Roman. Know her?

What about now?  Did you watch Hee Haw back in the 70's? Anyway...regardless, Lulu was a pretty big star back then and her story will break your heart. It was a real blessing getting to hear her story.

After the morning session was over, we all went shopping. There are several outlet malls here in Pigeon Forge (by the way, PF is at the foothills of Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mtns. National Park) and all the ladies wanted to shop. I hate shopping but I happily tagged along just because I was getting to spend time with them.

We had supper and then I rode this:

Except it was dark so it looked like this:

And the view from up top looked like this:

Well, that's sort of the top, anyway. see those little bitty dots? Those are people.

Before supper I met a bear:

:) He was so soft & fluffy. He probably felt the same about me.

And here are the ladies from my church:

Adore them!

We headed back to the conference and heard a few more speakers. I'll tell you about them later.


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