Friday, December 20, 2013

Maybe Too Soon

I didn't sleep well last night. At all. I sure could've used a good night's rest, too.

I am second-guessing myself about not having River put down. My heart is torn and I need to figure all this out. I DO NOT WANT TO PUT HER DOWN. What kind of person does that make me if I put her down? The problem is, is that I could never give her away because she's not friendly. If you aren't me, or my husband or one of my two children she will try to bite you if you come near her. Who wants a dog like that?

River is aggressive and not friendly in the least. But I love her and I'm so attached to her, but it's not fair to her to keep her medicated and separated from my other dogs. It's not fair to my other dogs to never know when she's going to snap and attack one of them. This is seriously driving me bat-crap crazy.

I know some of you are thinking, "Well how stupid of you! A dog like that NEEDS to be put down!" And maybe others of you are thinking, "Get her training! I did that already. :( Anyway, just pray for me. I need it.

Today I headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping. When I got almost there my goofy, wonderful, sweet buddy Kandi called me to see what I was doing. Turns out she was near the mall, too. We met for lunch at a new restaurant (Cheddars) and I sure enjoyed spending time with her. We rarely ever get to see one another anymore.

I may have gotten out too soon. As soon as we sat down I started feeling very sick. I was okay, but for a bit I wasn't sure if I was going to be. Anyway, I had a great time visiting with her.

Hope your day has been terrific. :)

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