Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Here's Cain and one of his best friends back on this day in 2006.  They were at a football combine and it had been pouring down rain. Not much fun (for mom) at all.

Time flies!

Had lunch today with an old friend whose mother died a couple of days ago after a long battle with cancer. It was great getting to see her. We haven't seen one another in over 15 years. I hope that I was able to take her mind off of the sadness for a bit.

So many people I know are battling cancer and it's breaking my heart. Most of my buddies are winning the fight, but some aren't. What I wouldn't give if a cure could be found.

It's snowing. Yay. I'd LOVE it if it would snow enough that we could play in it but this just dusts the ground and gets everything muddy when it starts melting.

How much longer until spring?

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