Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wayfinding Bible

Had a big need from God today and asked for prayers. He answered my prayers later that afternoon and everything turned out great - just like He is. :)

I'm reading this Bible: The Wayfinding Bible. A friend told me about it so I'm giving it a whirl. There are three different ways to read it with this book, which is a New Living Translation Bible. I've never read a NLT Bible and it's very different for me. It's easy to read, that's for sure, but I often wonder if it's okay to read anything other than the KJV (or the NKJV).

The thing here is, is that I REALLY want to read the Bible. I really do. I always start it and never finish but with this Wayfinding Bible I really don't want to put it down. I read until I go crosseyed. I'm reading the Flyover way right now and it hits 50 of the main stories of the Bible. Fascinating!

Have a wonderful evening.

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