Monday, February 17, 2014

Brass Billy Goat (Huh?)

That's right, boys and girls, my socks designate which goes on what foot. :)  I got these on clearance, otherwise they are ridiculously expensive. They are Keen brand and they do feel fantastic. If you can find them (I recommend on clearance, because seriously, $18 for a pair of socks? No thanks!) get you some because they really do feel wonderful, especially there on your arches.

Look. I'm taking about my socks on my blog. Aren't you excited?

So, my husband is on a business call and I just heard him say, "Well, they say that I can talk the horns off a brass billy goat."


If there is a brass billy goat with horns then yes, he probably could talk the horns off. That man can do some talking. I'm just trying to figure out why that sentence needed to come up in the conversation.

Weirdo... (says the girl telling y'all about her socks).

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