Thursday, July 07, 2005


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Rachel Pennington.

Well, we are home and the trip was exhausting. Darlene (Jessica's mom) and I both agreed that the information that the college gave us was just too much to soak in at one time. :)

The girls ended up renting an apartment as they were so far down on a waiting list for a dorm room. Plus, they stayed in a dorm for one night just to see what its like, and they killed not just one, but THREE roaches, one that "jumped" from a nightstand to the floor. The girls were so horrified that they left their dorm and walked to the hotel to shower there.

Their apartment looks like it's going to be very nice, plus their financial aid will cover it, PLUS no roaches. :) Or none that we saw anyway. :D

I'm tired. Have a great night!

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