Thursday, August 25, 2005


Hopper Poses
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Rachel Pennington.

I am quite ill and I know this sounds strange coming from ME, but I've been whining all day. I thought for sure I'd be feeling better since yesterday, but have increasingly gotten worse. Just ask my friend Kandi. We went to the Chattanooga Nature Center and I was a huge blob of whinebag. I coughed, hacked, sneezed all of her truck, & blew my honker more times than I can count, and, well, you get the picture. She eventually just brought me on back home.

Thanks Kandi, for feeling sorry for me as I ruined a perfectly good day of photography. :( We'll try again soon.

I'm going to bed since I can't get hubby or Cain to baby me. Men are MEAN. Where's my momma when I need her? ;) I'm telling you, there's nothing like having your Mom around when you feel like poopie, no matter if your 6 or 36. :)


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Ledford Photography said...

No need to thank me, I mean at least I wasnt secretly making faces and hand gestures behind your back, stabbing you in thin air and beating you senseless with monkey winers or anything... I swear how childess, good thing Im not!