Monday, August 15, 2005

Cain Shoots

Cain Shoots
Originally uploaded by Rachel Pennington.

UGH! I was SO bored today. I really need to go shooting. I thought I was going to get my "fix" when Cain and I went to the CNC this weekend but as you know it rained us out. :(

I walked around the yard today and took a few photos but nothing to brag about. It's miserably hot out there, too. I'm ready for fall weather. I sure hope we HAVE fall weather this year. Last year in October it was still warm enough to wear shorts, and that's just insane if you ask me. I don't like summer, never have. I'm a huge fan of snow, but we never have any anymore. :(

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Ellen D. said...

I hate summer too, Rachel. People usually look at me like I'm crazy when I say it (at least they do during the winter). but I love a cozy, foggy, cold day. I make it a point never to complain about the cold--I save all my complaining for summer.

Last year was a hot fall, but do you remember the cool spell we had in the middle of August? 53 at night and 70 during the day?