Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey
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Funny how I was just talking about loving storms yesterday. Here's my experience from tonight:

I had just walked out of my photo club meeting in Chattanooga and immediately noticed how beautiful the sky was because lightning was lighting it up like nothing I've ever seen. It was lightning in any direction that you looked. I had to stand there for a couple of minutes and just watch. Finally I got in my car and headed for home.

I didn't get five minutes from where the photo club meets when all you-know-what broke loose. I made it into Georgia (which wasn't far at all) and got on the bypass to go around Chickamauga Battlefield. It was then that things got bad.

The wind picked up and little pieces of tree limbs were falling all over the place. There was no where to pull over and I thought that I should probably keep going anyway so that I could drive out of it. I lost control of my car twice; not bad because I quickly regained control, but pretty bad.

Then lightning struck again and the sky (my hand to God) was an eerie purple/teal/green color. I have never ever ever seen anything like that in my life. I hauled butt to the McDonalds (the closest thing at that point) and realized I was saying "Please God, let me get through this," over and over and over. I was chanting it I guess.

Obviously I made it home safely. Something happened to someone though because two fire engines and two ambulances passed me headed in the direction from which I had came.

I'm still shaking all over. I don't know if it was just a strong thunderstorm or if something else was going on with it, but I've never been so glad to be home. Storms scare me anyway but I'm so fascinated with them that I'll watch them until the last possible second.

I'll shut up now. I just wanted to share with you guys my horrible experience. Don't you feel glad that I did? :) Oh, and of course I thanked the Big Guy for answering my prayer. :)

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