Saturday, September 17, 2005

Battle of Chickamauga

This weekend is the 142nd anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga so Cain and I took off up there to take a few photos. This one is one of my favorites, although I can't tell you why. I sure like that brass cannon. I didn't even know there were brass cannons.

We watched a few demonstrations and even though I've been to these before, I always forget how truly loud those suckers are. The guide announced to the crowd that if we needed to make accomodations for children or pets, or needed to put our hands over our ears then we needed to do it. What he didn't tell us is that we also need to make bladder accomodations. When that cannon fired I'm pretty sure Cain and I both no longer needed to go to the restroom. (O: It was so loud that I almost dropped my camera. The sound shook my body down to its core. Had I dropped my camera there would've been some tackling by me going on out on that field. I'd have dropped more soldiers than the whole war. ;)

Speaking of cameras, my good buddy Kandi just called me about an hour ago. She was helping our friend Ricki shoot a wedding in Rome and someone STOLE her camera bag from a CHURCH! Now, I realize that all the people attending the wedding might not all attend church, but wouldn't you imagine that the worst place you could break one of God's commandments would be in His house? I mean, that's what I'M thinking. She lost six camera batteries, two expensive lenses, memory cards, filters, and a little bit of cash. I'm very upset for her. :( I'm going to ride to the police station tomorrow so she can fill out her crime report. To a photographer, losing camera equipment is like losing a best friend. It's awful. :(


Ledford Photography said...

Thank you for your support, it is truly appreciated! When I finally do get driven to the crazy house from all this stress... come see me.. and every now and then, bring a cheesecake and a golden girls DVD.

Ledford Photography said...

Oh, and it was 3 lenses.. not 2. Get your facts straight woman.. and to think you worked at a newspaper.