Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thoughts, I Think

I was thinking today (and this is just so profound that you people are going to be happy to know such a person with amazing insight) that I am befuddled by how an event like 9/11 pulled this country like never before in its history and only four years later a natural disaster has this country divided like never before in its history, or at the very least since I've been alive. And that's sad. I wish we all (everyone in the U.S.) were like a nice Norman Rockwell painting instead of dysfunctional family on Jerry Springer. :(

You'll find this funny: if my poor friend Kandi hasn't had enough problems, I had to go and tear her computer up! I didn't MEAN to tear it up, I was just trying to help her out by having her download System Mechanic which has for YEARS worked perfectly for me. She downloaded it, ran through the programs and restarted her computer and booooy was it ever messed up. I had to drive over and fix it. I worked on it for four hours, even w/the help of Compaq, and the CSR was no help at all. THEN I finally managed to run System Restore and it corrected the problem within 4 minutes by taking the computer back to a previous state. Boy, was I glad. If you read her blog she plainly said that it was only going to take ONE more little thing before she blows up (someone stole a crapload of her camera equipment yesterday). I'm just going to keep reminding her that at least I only stole a few hours of her time, not a few hundred dollars of her money. :D

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Ledford Photography said...

THANKS Rachel for attempting to fudge up my puter... I appreciate it! The anti-acid medicine alone JUST from that debacule cost me more than Ive made in a month!