Monday, September 19, 2005

C.S.I. Rome

That's my pal Kandi giving an officer of the Rome Police Dept. information about the theft of her camera bag and all its belongings. Her camera bag and about $1,600 worth of equipment was taken from a church while she was shooting a wedding this past Saturday.

Funny story about the whole thing though: Saturday after Kandi's camera bag was taken she called the Rome Police Dept. and they were closed for the weekend. I didn't know that police departments closed, but whatever. So then she called them first thing Monday morning and she was told that she would have to drive BACK to Rome to where the theft occured and then call 911. (Insert long incredulous pause here)

She couldn't just file a police report; she has to drive ALL the way back to Rome and call 911! I'm not sure what kind of sense that makes, but anyway, I rode with her to Rome and we searched the church and the church office one more time but with no luck. Well, I didn't so much search as I did take photos of the church which was amazingly beautiful.

At any rate, Kandi's police report is filed. She did have a hit on her website from the Rome area which was odd since she hadn't given out her brand new business cards to anyone in that area. She did have her business cards in the stolen camera bag though so she figures (and probably rightfully so) that it's the person who stole her bag that's looked at her website. She was all kinds of excited to give the IP address to the police officer who just kind of nodded and smiled.

It was sort of like the Twilight Zone meets CSI meets Gilligan's Island. Except it was funny. ;)
Oh, and if Kandi mentions to ANY of you anything about a dumptruck, certain death, and a sissy of a scream, she's making it all up!

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